Monthly Archives: March 2015

Payment and salary

Hi All- this is going to be a bit more of a rant than a blog so be warned. Lately, I have seen models doing TFP (time for print) for Commercial work. This is in my opinion, ruining the industry. If someone is using your face as their brand, YOU SHOULD receive some sort of…
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A- Z of model terms

A Agency - the company that is booking you work. Model Agency or Casting Agency. B Book - also known as a¬†Portfolio. Booker - a booker is someone who works in a model agency and keeps track of which clients hire which models. Bookout - Notification to your agent that you're not available for a…
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So you want to be a model ? Perhaps you have been approached by a guy in the street with a business card and you're flattered and super excited.... ¬†BUT is it legitimate ? Or is he a scam artist ? The modelling world is a vast and diverse one, with different areas emerging all…
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