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Self-taping can be a great way to be considered for a role that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to audition for. Whether you’re out of town, on location working, or the casting director simply has no time to see you. Sadly, many of the self-tapes that I have seen are unusable due to simple mistakes that…
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Male models as you would expect, need to keep fit and toned. Of course if we are targeting Asia, a male model frame must be lean in comparison to "buff". (Think K pop singers)  Although the modelling industry doesn't need every male model to have a body builders frame, a fit and healthy appearance is essential. Of course, if you are modelling swimwear or underwear, the buffer the body the better. Let those abs shine!
Grooming is also important. Manscaping as they say ... guys it is not attractive to have overly hairy arms, legs, stomach etc. Infact in can be off putting if you have a trim body, all waxed and then hairy arms! Not attractive.
I suggest that male models in Australia take note of the market leaders, check out the catwalks of London, Paris and Milan. What's in now ? Tattoos etc will not be fashionable forever, so don't go racing off and getting permanent Ink to increase bookings - all fads fade well, except tatts, they of course need to be lasered off.
All modelling is competitive but male modelling is a tough business. There are fewer clients and more often than not the male model is the "accessory" to a female model in a photo shoot so you need to be patient and persevere. Male models are often out earnt in the industry. Most male models make a name for themselves in their late 20's.
Check out some of our male models here.
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