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What to take with you EVERYWHERE- what a model bag should contain

travel bag

What’s a “model bag” you ask? The Model Bag is indispensable in the life of EVERY model. Your model bag contains all the “tools of your trade”. Depending on which city you are working in and what type of model you are may mean that your bag contents could change ever so slightly. Ie: If you are a swimsuit model you may also need to take flip flop type shoes.
Once you have more model experience you will learn what to carry with you at all times and eventually you will be able to anticipate what your clients will want.

Let’s start with the “bag” itself: I strongly suggest that you use a wheeled bag of some sort. Keep the size of your model bag to no larger than the size of a standard airplane carry-on bag (between 19” and 22”). Models who come on set with more than one suitcase or with a large bag can eat up space quickly and often times can wreak havoc with the heavy model traffic in the backstage area, people do not need to be tripping over your bag(s) trying to move back & forth between changes.

Inside your case carry a shoe bag they are often nylon and allow space for 6 or 8 pairs of shoes. More than 8 pairs is really excessive.

“Must have” items for your model bag:

“travel sized” products
· Band-aids/Mini first aid kit/mini sewing kit – Because accidents can and do happen!
· Clear nail polish – The polish is for the occasional run in your pantyhose and of course to add a shiny new top coat to your manicure if necessary.
· Nail file/Clipper
· Double Sided Tape – For plunging necklines and to make a quick invisible hem if needed.
· False Eyelashes & Glue – Because often times makeup artists don’t carry them Note: If you’re going to carry the, know how to put them on!
· Concealers/Foundation Makeup/Mascara & Eyeliner – For the times when the makeup artist is late, is a no-show and/or doesn’t have foundation in your color.
· Deodorant/Wash Cloth/Baby Wipes/Soap – For freshening up after long hours on the set.
· Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Mouthwash/Floss/Mints or Gum – Because fresh breath counts – Always!
· Lotion/Baby Oil Gel – To combat occasional dry or ashy skin and to keep your feet, hands and legs nice and soft. Note: Use the baby oil gel carefully and sparingly – you don’t want to risk getting oil stains on the clothing.
· Hairpins/Hairbrush/Comb/Scrunchies – for fixing fly away hair etc
· Pencil Sharpener – For sharpening your eyeliner and/or eyebrow pencils.
· Eye-drops- for sore eyes
· Makeup Net/Scarf – For keeping the designer’s garments make up free as you get fitted or change clothes during shows and shoots.
· Makeup Remover, Q-Tips & Cotton balls – For gently removing the makeup from your skin after a show or shoot. Makeup remover is better than soap and water because it has ingredients that help breakdown the makeup quickly for easy removal. Q-tips for cleaning the makeup residue from the corner of your eyes on set. Cotton balls are good for removing mascara and eye shadows from the delicate skin area around the eyes.
· Straws – Use these to drink beverages with on set to keep your lipstick on and to avoid staining your teeth.
· Safety pins – for last minute mishaps
· Bronzer - bronzer can help to give you a nice even overall tone and is usable all over including legs
· A compact Mirror – So you can apply your makeup touch-ups if required
· Individual mascara brushes and lip brushes – just in case you have to share- it prevents any cold sores being transferred or worse.
PLEASE NOTE: that you need to keep items TOPPED UP in your bag so always double check the day before a show.

Nude and Black Undergarments & A Strapless or Convertible Bra
Booster pads for more bustline

It wouldn't hurt to also pack
Bath robe
Snacks & Bottled Water
Comp cards
Little Black Dress
Curling & Flat Irons and Ponytails & Wigs

Remember This: Having a properly stocked model bag will make you much easier to work with and will convey to others that you are professional. So pack it carefully and remember to check it after a few shows/gigs and restock as necessary. Remember, your looks, your attitude and your professionalism will either make or break you in this industry. It’s always better to be well prepared than unprepared. Add or edit things as you feel you need to but always keep your bag packed and ready to go at a moment's notice!