What to expect at a model casting call.

Tips for Attending Open Casting Calls

Attending a casting call for clients can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. However, it is important to know that not all clients are the wanting the same things. Prior to your casting make it a point to familiarise yourself with the brand if known otherwise speak to your agent and ask for advise on how best to prepare. You don't want to wear you hair up and slightly dirty if its a shampoo commercial and you don't want to take heels only if its a sports wear test shoot. Being prepared will also help calm any nerves that may sneak up. As the boy scouts say "Be Prepared ".
When it comes to open casting calls, it is especially crucial to follow the rules in order to put yourself on the clients good side. Remember, part of being a good model is having the ability to follow directions. If you can't fulfill the requirements for an open casting call, this makes a bad first impression and could lead the agency staff to believe that you don't follow directions well. If a casting call asks you to arrive and sign it make sure you do. If the requirement is 175cm and over do not cast if you do not fit the requirements. Its a waste of your time- they will measure you and simply send you home.
Casting calls are typically held during specific time frames and if it happens to be for a big show like fashion week, you can expect a lot of people to show up. Being right on time or late will put you at the end of the line and if you don't make it into the office by the time the casting is done, you'll be turned away--even though you were already there meaning YOU MISS OUT.  Being early does not mean that you will be seen right away you'll have to wait but at least you're at the start of the line.  You'll have to wait until the actual casting process has started.
Models whom are attending multiple castings in a day often work as a team- for example if model A and Model B both have to attend two castings, often they will write the name of the other model on the list even if Model B is yet to arrive. Although Sneaky, its not entirely against the rules and when its fashion week with multiple designers to see it may be your saving grace. Having a friend within the same agency can be helpful, as they can also prepare you if they have already been seen.
Castings can last 15 mins if you're straight in and out. A quick photo, maybe a catwalk for the designer and most likely a quick check of your measurements. If there are 50 girls before you, clearly you'll be waiting awhile so take a bottle of water and some snacks- nothing greasy or messy to eat, think an apple or carrot sticks. Also, take a book its a great time to study you could be awhile.
At castings you are often photographed and measured so I would suggest you wear heels, fitted leggings and a fitted tee.
It is also a great suggestion to take a bikini. Attached are some of the Cinema Models casting photos from our last open call.
Model hopefuls 18 years of age and older should arrive to the casting call by yourself.  Models under the age of 18 may have one person with them however, they will more than likely be asked to wait outside the casting area or maybe asked to stand by the door if the casting is one on one.
I hope that these tips have helped you prepare-
Bronwyn Neal

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