Payment and salary

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this is going to be a bit more of a rant than a blog so be warned.

Lately, I have seen models doing TFP (time for print) for Commercial work. This is in my opinion, ruining the industry. If someone is using your face as their brand, YOU SHOULD receive some sort of remuneration. Yes, I understand that there are some small budgets in the market place, but at least get TIME FOR STOCK. As an agent I get frustrated because if you worked for free for a cosmetic company etc then you are limiting yourself, because no other cosmetic company is going to want the same person so you have been short changed twice!

Below is a statistic found on the internet ( which I thought was rather interesting. Ask for $$$$ ask for stock. RENT DOESN'T PAY ITSELF.


Payment and salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage of models was $15.83 in 2010. This amounts to an annual salary of around $32,920 per year. Models are usually paid per shoot. Payment amount depends on the model, company and shoot. Most models must work hard to find new jobs and suffer occasional bouts of unemployment due to the ebb and flow of modeling work. While there are a select few models who are able to amass fortunes through modeling, these do not represent the norm.

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